Birobidzhan, Russia March 2005

In May, 2005, we answered God’s commission in John 21:17 to, “Feed my sheep,” adopting three biological siblings from Russia and bringing them to Colorado to join our 10-year old son, Blake. Getting approved for adoption was a long, arduous road consisting of interviews, home visits, and mounds of paperwork. Looking back, that was the easy part.

Raising kids is a refining fire leading me to complete humility that I may fully experience glory. I knew shortly after bringing the kids home from Russia that God planned to mold and shape me first. Ugh. He’s not done.

The past eight calendar years’ worth of memories include family vacations, loss of parents, driver’s license, broken ankle, lost teeth, laughter, heartache, and heartbreak. Mothering abandoned children is rewarding and painfully exhausting.

In January 2011, we felt prompted to home school the younger two kids while our oldest son celebrated his last semester as a junior in high school. Weeks after our home school decision, our two youngest kids bravely disclosed allegations against their biological brother that landed him in juvenile detention and later a treatment center. Not exactly what I had planned that year. I’m not sure why God allows things to happen in their particular order but I know that everything is filtered through His hands. My 2011 calendar was full of court mandated weekly therapy with our then 14 year old son, as well as monthly treatment meetings and quarterly court appearances. Due to many factors, he now resides in a group home and I’m learning that the lesson is in the letting go. I’m not sure what lies ahead in the coming weeks, months, years, but I trust that God hasn’t brought us this far to leave us now. His works are evident in preparing our family for the work set before us.

Colorado May 2010

Our life is crazy. I’m an energetic home-body, a student of the Bible, a lover of functional interior design, a coffee fanatic, a procrastinating list maker, and a closet geek. The writer in me is crawling out onto the pages of this blog and, in God’s timing, a book. I promise to keep it light, keep it real but no longer keep it to myself.


6 thoughts on “BackStory

  1. Thanks for no longer keeping it to yourself, as you put it. I am an adoptee with 2 grown children both with mental illness. My daughter is 32 with 3 kids and has some sort of manic depression and my 30 yr old son lives with me and my partner and has teenage onset schizophrenia. They are both under a doctor’s care, doing well and I have hope for their continued happiness and transition into their path of discovery.
    What brought me here was my love of interior design and looking for an inspiration of an idea I have for a corner bench style seating area. Liked your upholstery choices! Keep inspiring and thank you.

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  4. Natalie:

    Thanks for sending Lisa and I the “Thank You Note” concerning the Pictures I was able to send from the Hill Country of Texas. Your note lifted both of our spirits because we just lost our sweet litte dog Muffy of 13 years. Our lives have now forever changed due to this loss. However, God has blessed us with a strong faith in Him , and we will continue thru life’s many challenges. Hope to see you guys somewhere again down the road. Thanks and may God bless!

    Tim Murphy
    New Orleans , La.

    • Oh, Tim, I’m so sorry. I’ve bawled over some beloved dogs that have been swept away from us too soon. So tough. Y’all are so richly blessed and it spills over onto others. I know firsthand. God bless you, too, and thanks again for such a sweet surprise in my mailbox.

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