Blue Like Jazz

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Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

While our family was vacationing in Mexico, June 2011, I finally finished this book. I kept reading a chapter and then putting it down. Take some advice from me. Read this book straight through. The author’s writing style is conversational, easy, approachable. The book feels as though it was one stream of conscious thoughts written down all at once, thus the advice to read it that way. When I finally read several chapters together, I was drawn in and found myself nodding along as the author shares how organized religion has tainted the theme of the Bible and Christ’s work on the cross: Love. Don’t let the author’s unconventional stories at the beginning of each chapter sway you from seeing how God reconciles them several pages later. If you’re looking for a testimony full of Christian lingo and legalism, it’s not on these pages. What you will find is a real God seeking out a real man resulting in real Love.


2 thoughts on “Blue Like Jazz

  1. I read this book quite some time ago. It was recommended by a gal at work and I was warned that I would either love it or hate it…nothing in between. I love it and your review makes me realize I really do need to read it again.

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